110 The AMP Mobile Revolution

110 The AMP Mobile Revolution

Paul Bakaus (@pbakaus), Google Engineer, has recently been leading the AMP Project which is an open source initiative to optimize content for mobile devices using the web. AMP is heavily supported by several global news & media groups and has the SEO community in an uproar. Paul takes us through the core concepts of project and the reasoning behind it. Additionally, AMP leverages many newer technologies such as Service Workers, ES2015, and Custom Elements (One of the four Web Component pillars) making it an exciting project for developers to contribute to.


AMP by example – https://ampbyexample.com/ How does it work? – https://www.ampproject.org/learn/how-amp-works/ AMP on Github – https://github.com/ampproject AMP HTML – https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml Creating your first AMP page – https://www.ampproject.org/docs/get_started/create.html AMP Validator General info – https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/blob/master/validator/README.md Guide – https://www.ampproject.org/docs/guides/validate AMP Docs & Reference – https://www.ampproject.org/learn/about-amp/ CLI validator (unofficial) – https://www.npmjs.com/package/amp-validator Trumping Responsive Design? – http://searchengineland.com/amp-one-year-old-growing-fast-will-ultimately-trump-responsive-design-260691 AMP Cache – https://www.ampproject.org/learn/about-amp/#google-amp-cache Supported Platforms – https://www.ampproject.org/learn/who/ Case Studies – https://www.ampproject.org/case-studies/ AMP Cache API: https://developers.google.com/amp/cache/overview AMP Validator Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amp-validator/nmoffdblmcmgeicmolmhobpoocbbmknc?hl=en AMP Chrome Extension – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amp-validator/nmoffdblmcmgeicmolmhobpoocbbmknc WordPress Extension – https://wordpress.org/plugins/amp/ AMPBench – http://ampbench.appspot.com/

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