Ask Yoast Compilation: Keyword research for SEO

Ask Yoast Compilation: Keyword research for SEO

In this Ask Yoast compilation we’re going to talk about the subject of keyword research. We found that keyword research can sometimes be a tricky subject to master. But it’s a very important part of every SEO strategy.

The video will answer 8 interesting questions regarding keyword research we received from our community:

1. Using same keywords on multiple pages
2. Stop words in your focus keyword
3. Yoast SEO meta descriptions and excerpts
4. Does the order of my focus keyword matter?
5. Google ranking the ‘wrong’ page for keyword
6. Using your keyword in the alt text box
7. Finding the best keyword strategy
8. The importance of keyword strategy

We’d love to hear what you think about our video, but also you’re questions regarding the subject. Do you have a whole different question? Please post these ones as well in the comment section!

Maybe your question will be answered in the next video 🙂

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