Ask Yoast Compilation: Redirects For SEO

Ask Yoast Compilation: Redirects For SEO

In this Ask Yoast compilation we’ll be covering various questions with the subject of redirects. Every question we have received on Ask Yoast about redirects we have now collected in one place!

There are a couple of things to know about redirects. One of the most important is when to use a particular code in which situation.

And we believe that after you watched this compilation you will be a lot closer to using them the right way!

This video contains the following 7 videos about redirects:

1. Redirects
2. 302 or 307 Redirects
3. Can I cancel a 301 or 304 redirect?
4. Redirecting your site to non- www and HTTPS
5. Keep or delete and redirect event pages?
6. Redirecting responsive pages to AMP pages?
7. Redirect affiliate links

We’d love to hear what you think about this kind of compilations, but also you’re questions regarding redirects. Do you have a whole different question? Please post these ones as well in the comment section!

Maybe your question will be answered in the next video 🙂

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