Develop WordPress plugin – insert data from textbox to database table Part1

Develop WordPress plugin –  insert data from textbox to database table Part1

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In this tutorial I cover discussion about WordPress plugin. Here I discussed what is WordPress plugin and how it is used with example.

This video will give you good understanding about How to Develop WordPress plugin and how useful they can be.

In upcoming tutorials, we I will explore every bit of PHP Basics, PHP Programming including If/Else Conditions, For Loop, While Loop, Do-While Loop, Arrays, PHP Functions, PHP Global Variables, OOP using PHP, Error and Exception handling using PHP, String using PHP, Array using PHP, File upload using PHP, Working with form using PHP, Date and Time using PHP, Authenticating User using PHP, Web Services using PHP, Operating system and file handling using PHP, Regular Expression using PHP, Session and cookie using PHP, MySQLi using PHP, MySQLI Procedure using PHP, MySQLi view using PHP, MySQLi trigger using PHP, MySQLi transaction using PHP, Indexing and searching using PHP, PDO using PHP, SQLITE using PHP, Database Queries using PHP, Curser using PHP etc.

I will also create a Dynamic Web Application Using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Ajax.

My videos and code are available on this block.

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In this channel I also discuss about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, CodeIgniter, Laravel, JAVA, C#, MySQLi, Magento, WordPress etc. All are not available yet. But day by day discussion about all these will be available.

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