Easiest Way Ever To Remove WordPress Page Titles

Easiest Way Ever To Remove WordPress Page Titles

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Hey, welcome to another Prositetutorials video. I guess you’re tired of looking at that ugly and annoying WordPress title that appears in every single page and post. It’s feels like a plague, I know hehe… But don’t worry because in this video I explain the easiest way ever to remove it. By this I mean, you won’t need to edit the coding of your website to get the job done. I know if you are starting out this is quite complicated and you run the risk of ruining your website.

Before reading the rest, check if your theme has an integrated feature that allows to hide your titles. Some of them have, others don’t. If not, then the quickest way to resolve this little issue is to simply install a plug-in called, “Hide Page & Post Titles.” Once
done, you will have a new option, “Hide Title” appearing in your pages and posts. All you need to do is to check the box below and update your page. Afterward, refresh it and voilàà… problem solved, easily and effortlessly.

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