Gary Illyes – BrightonSEO Sept '17

Gary Illyes – BrightonSEO Sept '17

A live Q&A with Google’s Gary (his name in his own words)

Content Covered:

1) First-click free program… Is Google doing away with it? What is changing?
2) You have confirmed that Fred is a series of algorithm changes and updates. Google does 2-3 updates to the ranking algorithm every day. We are in a perpetual state of Fred’s?
3) How many of the algorithm changes done are actually actionable? Can webmasters take something away from them to improve their site rankings?
4) A lot of people use the weather report tools available to understand what is happening with Google, how accurate are these tools?
5) Recently at a Google event, they were talking about RankBrain and Machine Learning and they were saying that they were using click stream data in order to rank. Were they actually talking about RankBrain learning or was it about using click-thru rate etc. in our live search results?
6) Is Google using Machine Learning in any other parts of the algorithm, or is it still just Rank Brain?
7) Is Penguin still evolving or is it in a constant state of just being?
8) Current thoughts on the disavow file? Should webmasters still be disavowing links or should we just trust that Google is on it.
9)Have there been more linking manual actions given out since Penguin turned into this kind of ‘constant state of being’?
10) What are your thoughts on the link selling market?
11) Is there still any value in doing link audits?
12) Is there value in fixing your broken links?
13) Is there anything new to report in terms of the mobile first index?
14) AMP – will there be any demotion for pages that aren’t AMP?
15) HTTP to HTTPS – should webmaster still expect a 3-4 week decline in rankings while Google indexes the new site

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