Google App Indexing, RankBrain, Penguin, Panda, SEO & Bing Profit

Google App Indexing, RankBrain, Penguin, Panda, SEO & Bing Profit – This week I am doing the Search Video Recap from Jerusalem’s Inbal Hotel, what a beautiful view, where SMX Israel will take place this Sunday. Today I proclaimed Google App Indexing day because I launched the iOS and Android Search Engine Roundtable app with App Indexing and more – plus I covered only App Indexing topics today – please download the app for free. Google announced RankBrain, their already existing query interpretation ranking signal that has been live for months and months now. Google Penguin will launch by the end of the year, and will be real time, so you can clean your links whenever. I shared more data on my Google Panda recovery, showing now a 40% uptick in Google organic traffic to my site. Google shared more details about sneaky and unwanted mobile redirects. YouTube is doing a big SEO no-no with canonicals reverting to 301s. Google said don’t dynamically generate your robots.txt file. Google also said the “not set” in the Google Analytics SEO report is not a bug. On Google App Indexing, Google said they support multilingual apps 3 different ways, iOS apps aren’t getting the App Indexing API ranking boost yet, they have internal search operators for app content and iOS apps should show in mobile Safari now. Google AdWords celebrated their 15th birthday a few days late. Google AdWords went big on cross device conversions this week. Finally, Bing turned a profit for Microsoft, the first time since launching Bing. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable – please download our iOS And Android app.

App Download Links:

Download The Search Engine Roundtable iOS & Android App With App Indexing :
Live Already: Google RankBrain; Query Interpretation Using Artificial Intelligence :
Google: Penguin Update Will Still Happen In 2015 :
Google: It’s Not Too Late To Clean Your Links For Penguin :
Fresh Data On My Google Panda 4.2 Recovery :
Google To Penalize Deceptive & Sneaky Mobile Redirects :
YouTube’s Canonical Tags Sends Reverse Message From 301 Redirect :
Google: Don’t Make A Dynamically Generated robots.txt :
Google: “Not Set” In Google Analytics SEO Report Isn’t A Bug :
Google Supports Multilingual Apps With App Indexing :
Google: iOS Apps Don’t Get App Indexing API Ranking Boost :
Google Has Internal Search Commands For App Content (i.e. site: cache: etc) :
Google: iOS Apps Now Showing In Mobile Safari Searches In Google :
Google AdWords Celebrates 15 Years Of Service A Few Days Late :
Google AdWords Cross-Device Conversions Now In Conversions Column & Automated Bidding :
Bing Turns A Profit :

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