Google Boasts Stronger ROI From AMP – Ignite Friday

Google Boasts Stronger ROI From AMP – Ignite Friday

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The first thing is Google’s bragging about the ROI from AMP. And especially from AMP adds and AMP landing pages. If you aren’t familiar, you can now run AMP, accelerate mobile page project ads. And those can be in AMP, in this technology throughout the display network. So they’re saying that this is giving people a much bigger bang for their buck to have these AMP adds going to AMP landing pages.

Next thing is Google comes out. And they say that they ignore malicious backlinks, so you don’t have to worry about it. So if somebody is building just a ton of bad links to your site, they say we’re pretty good at ignoring those. So it’s not a big deal. On the other end, I have seen personally people getting pummeled by links and viewing their websites has dropped.

Digital ad spend is topping traditional announcement spend for the first time. So that’s pretty crazy. It’s expected to exceed traditional ad spend in 2019.

Google says that they’re not going to be launching this feature, which was going to block ad blockers after all. So Google recently announced that they were going to disable some blocking and content filtering features from Chrome Extensions. And after much wailing from people, Google has backtracked.

Reddit just launched app install ads for the first time. So you can have the option to run ads, to have people install an app on Reddit and that’s great because Facebook has app install ads, Google has app install ads. Now Reddit has them as well.

Next, Google says you’re sending mixed signals when you tag internal links with UTM parameters. So UTM parameters are for tracking and Google analytics. Google is now saying you don’t need to do that and you shouldn’t do that for internal linking because it sends mixed signals because the internal links are not as clean as they would be for just what they like, which is just regular SEO crawling.

Last, Google says hidden text for screen readers won’t hurt your rankings. So basically what’s happening now is hidden text was always a big thing for SEO where people would hide text to try to get items ranked better on a page, and they didn’t want it to impact the user experience. Now, with mobile, we hide a whole bunch of text underneath Javascript and things like that. And they’re saying that that is okay now, and they’ve gone on record a couple of times saying that.

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