Google Core Update Confirmed, New Search Snippets, Bing API, & More SEO

Google Core Update Confirmed, New Search Snippets, Bing API, & More SEO – This week we had a very big Google update that Google ended up confirming as a broad core update. Google said there is nothing to fix or specific here to do and I go through what is going on with that messaging. I also posted a poll and survey asking you to submit sites to me so I can review them. Google also said they are testing a new form of snippets for FAQs, Q&As and How-Tos powered by Schema. Google told us how not to complaint to them about the search results. Bing finally fixed the Webmaster Tools API after almost a month. Google said they do not understand regions like they do with countries. If you upload your products to Amazon, it will likely hurt your current site’s revenue. Google datasets schema is also live. Google also recommends you add date published and modified schema to your non-AMP article pages. Are you seeing more spammy PDFs in Google search, let Google know. Google is testing image icons in related searchers, top stories list view boxes with images, and a you recently viewed local panel. Google announced Google Posts insights this week to show you how well your Google Posts are doing. Google Manager permissions section now shows the email addresses. Google is testing another variation of hotel search results. Google has a product comparison carousel that looks super spammy. The Google Assistant now works on smart displays. Google added a deep breathing exercise in their search results. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Algorithm August 1st Update Rolling Out Now; Might Be A Big One :
What Google & SEOs Are Saying On The August 1st Algorithm Update :
Survey: Tell Us How You Were Impacted By The Google August 1st Update :
Google FAQ, Q&A and How-To Snippets Requires Schema :
How Not To Complain About Search Results To Google :
Bing Webmaster Tools API Fixed After Almost A Month :
Google: We Don’t Understand Regions; We Do Understand Countries & Metros :
Google Implies Uploading Your Products To Amazon’s Marketplace Can Hurt Your Rankings :
Google Datasets Schema Now Live In Search Results :
Google Now Recommends Date Published & Modified Structured Data To Non-AMP Articles :
Google Search Quality Suffering From PDF Spam? Let Them Know. :
Google Tests Image Icons In Related Searches :
Google Tests Top Stories Box Design With Images :
Google Local “You Recently Viewed” Search Panel :
Google Posts Insights Announced :
Google Managers Permissions Now Shows Email Addresses Of Managers :
Google Tests Another Design Variation Of Hotel Search Results :
Google Comparison Carousel In Search :
Google Assistant Smart Displays For Viewing, Not Just Listening :
Google Search Adds Deep Breathing Meditation Exercises; Maybe For SEOs? :

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