Google Search Console Rich Cards

Google Search Console Rich Cards

Google Search Console Rich Cards related video tutorial by RankYa explains what Rich Cards Structured Data is & provides examples

Rich cards are a new way to provide additional data to Google Search engine about events, products, or other Microdata item types showcased on your website. Rich card data can be displayed to Google searchers in a variety of different formats on different mobile devices. Rich Cards can help drive more website traffic towards your website.

Google Search Console Rich Cards Report provides useful insights for webmasters and verified site owners.
Using the Rich Cards report
If Google has detected any rich card structured data on your site, it will display a chart and table with information about the cards that it found on your site
1. The top level page of the report shows a sum of errors or recommendations for all rich cards found on your site, grouped by card type. Click on a row to drill down by card type
2. The second level of the report lists all critical and non-critical errors for the selected card type on your site. Click on a row to further drill down by rule type
3. The third level of the report shows all pages with cards of the selected type affected by the selected rule. Click on a row to see a suggested fix for that error

Google recommends fixing the critical errors in your cards first before fixing the non-critical errors shown in the report. To learn more about how to use this report visit:

Guidelines for using this new feature can be found here:

Search Console related training video can be accessed on RankYa YouTube channel here:

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