Google Thinks Mobile Apps are Dying and the Future is Progressive Web Apps

Google Thinks Mobile Apps are Dying and the Future is Progressive Web Apps

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Is the end near for most apps? This week, we were invited to a Google summit about “Progressive Web Apps.” There, Google’s community managers laid out a bleak vision for apps and app developers in the future. They believe that most apps are bad investments and that the future is in mobile websites that behave exactly like apps. Here are some key points they made:
• Most Apps are Never Used: Even though, on average, mobile device users spend about 2 hours and 20 minutes per day using mobile applications, about 70 to 80% of time is spent on their top three apps. These apps are typically Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other apps that are well-known to all mobile device users. For most apps, the reality is really bleak. In fact, only one in every 10,000 mobile applications that is developed ever breaks even or makes money.
• Getting App Users is Crazy Expensive: Selios, a platform for exchanging and selling goods locally, recently published some very interesting data. Their numbers showed that, on average, acquiring an active user via the web or the mobile web costs. on average, about $.35. On the other hand, getting somebody to download the app from an app store, opening it, and trying it, costs roughly $4. That is, it is strikingly less-expensive to acquire users via the web.
• Google’s Solution is Mobile Websites that Behave Like Apps: Google’s team are now promoting Firebase, a mobile development framework that works seamlessly with JavaScript and enables mobile websites to do things that we commonly associate with applications. For example, Firebase makes it easy for a mobile websites to send push notifications, to establish a secure connection, to respond to gestures, and more. Google’s vision is to enable people to essentially create mobile applications via a solid mobile website.

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