Google Update, Mobile Friendly Boost & RankBrain Details

Google Update, Mobile Friendly Boost & RankBrain Details – This week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable, we covered a possible Google update earlier in the week. We also reported that Google will be boosting the mobile friendly ranking signal in early May. Google is replacing the smartphone user agent with Android vs iPhone. Google warned bloggers not to do product reviews for freebies without nofollowing the link. Google added more details on RankBrain, that is is query specific ranking, doesn’t impact crawling and doesn’t replace links or other signals. Google said they don’t understand text in an image. Google confirmed they use site authority signals for new web pages. Google Search Analytics in the Search Console now lets you bookmark relative/dynamic date based URLs to save you time. Google said you can use the nosnippet tag to not show in the featured snippets section. Google now has app streaming in mobile search ads. Google’s transparency report now shows HTTPS adoption rates. Google image search launched their colored filter buttons. Google launched Google Analytics 360 Suite. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

A Google Update Brewing? Showing Some Signals. :
Google To Boost The Mobile Friendly Ranking Factors In May :
Google Smartphone Crawler Will Drop iPhone User-Agent For Android :
Google Warning: Get A Free Product To Review, Nofollow That Link & Disclose :
Google: RankBrain May Adjust Weights Of Existing Search Ranking Signals :
Google: RankBrain Does Not Currently Affect Crawling :
Google’s Gary Illyes On RankBrain Replacing Links & Other Ranking Factors :
Google: No, We Don’t Understand Text In Images :
Google Confirms They Do Use Site Authority Signals For New Pages :
Google Search Analytics Let’s You Save Dynamic Date Range URLs For Reports :
Opt Out Of Google Feature Snippets With nosnippet Tag :
Google Opens Trial Run Ads To Search Ads With App Streaming :
Google Report On HTTPS Adoption Within Google & The Top Web Sites :
Google Image Search Launches Colorized Filter Buttons :
New: Google Analytics 360 Suite :

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