How to Set Up WordPress in 4 Minutes

How to Set Up WordPress in 4 Minutes


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This video will be about setting up WordPress in 5 minutes. I will take you through the different steps below:

Buy Hosting
The first step that you need to do is to look for a site that is going to host a WordPress website. I would personally go with SiteGround.

Go to, find WordPress Hosting and click Get Started. Choose from the different plans that would suit you. The StartUp plan is good if you only have one website while GrowBig and GoGeek are great if you have multiple websites. You can also upgrade your plan later on.

Buy Domain Name
After choosing your plan, you need to buy your domain name. You can use SiteGround or you can use other sites like Namecheap or GoDaddy. If you use another site to buy your domain name, enter the website in that you want to have the WordPress hosting on and click proceed. After this, you need to enter your account information. For the period, you can choose how long you want to lock-in the site.

Transfer Domain Name
After paying, you will be directed to another page. Go to My Accounts and click Launch Setup Wizard. Type in the domain name and click continue. Select Start a new website and click WordPress.

Once done, go to My Account and copy the Account DNS. Go to where you bought your domain name and log-in. In my case, I used Namecheap. Find the domain name that you will use and click Manage. Go to Nameservers and choose Custom DNS. Paste in the Account DNS from SiteGround.

Install WordPress
Go to My Accounts and click Go to cPanel. Scroll down to the WordPress installer. Click Install. Type in your Domain Name, Admin Name, and Admin Password. You can also tick those other options that apply. After that, click Install.

Finalize Set Up
Go to the administrative URL. Here, you can make changes to your site like themes, For this, you can go to Appearance and then Themes. There are different selections you can choose from. You can also edit other things like Site Title in the backend.


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