Introduction To SEO And Configuring The Yoast SEO Plugin | V9

Introduction To SEO And Configuring The Yoast SEO Plugin | V9

In this Yoast SEO tutorial, I’ll provide an introduction to what SEO is and show you how to setup the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress

The Yoast SEO plugin is designed to help you optimize your website, including pages and posts, for search engines – to help you get more traffic (visitors) to your website.

While Yoast SEO is an incredible plugin, you may have a few questions about how to set up the plugin initially… and that is what this Yoast SEO tutorial is intended to help you with.

See the timestamps below to jump to specific sections (What is SEO, Yoast SEO Dashboard, Titles and Metas section, Yoast SEO meta box, XML Sitemaps section, Advanced section and video summary).

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):
1:20 What is SEO?
4:54 Yoast SEO Dashboard
9:34 Titles and Metas Section
13:29 Yoast SEO Meta Box
28:33 XML Sitemaps Section
32:36 Advanced Section
36:00 Summary


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