Is SEO Dying? It’s Complicated!

Is SEO Dying? It’s Complicated!

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing, and one component that is subjected to constant speculation. Every year, we see the rise and fall of multiple SEO trends, which leads experts to a poignant question – is SEO dying?

In today’s video, our co-founder Vikas Chawla addresses this very issue. Here’s a quick rundown.

1) Google’s SERP features are causing a dip in Click-Through-Rates
Google is constantly updating its SERP features and with every new addition, your website’s click-through-rate takes a hit. Take for instance Google’s featured snippet. The answer box relays answers to multiple user queries. You can read more about how to ace the coveted Answer Box here –

Or check out our detailed video here –

2) Mobile CTRs are declining faster than Desktop
With over 500 million mobile users in India, AMP-optimised pages ensure your website loads instantly on both mobile and desktop – However, Moz’s Rand Fishkin believes mobile CTRs have grown by 11%. That’s almost 2.5% higher than zero click searches on Desktop. While the number of mobile users and mobile searches have been witnessing a steady growth, these numbers have been a cause of worry to marketers who feel there are losing out on a huge piece of organic mobile traffic.

3) Voice Search leads to no-click searches
Voice search marketing has emerged as one of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2019 – While this channel provides marketers with tremendous potential for brand visibility, it also adds to their dilemma – is it worth ranking for voice-based results or will it make no difference to traffic and brand awareness? For a more in-depth analysis, be sure to check out our definitive guide on voice search marketing –

You can also watch our video here –

4) SEO has become competitive across industries
Brands and businesses will want users to visit their websites for information pertaining to them. However, today there are thousands of aggregator platforms across multiple industries. Instead of your brand showing up for an appropriate query, very often, these platforms rank higher; brands thus lose out clicks, reach and traffic.

But do these reasons mean SEO is really dying? Not quite. When it comes to SEO, when one trend dies, another one emerges. As Google keeps updating its features, SEO techniques will constantly be updating themselves. Here are a few ways you can make SEO work for you.

Branded content
Brands will need to focus their efforts on growing the strength and volume of their branded searches if they want to drive organic traffic to their websites. This can be done by employing multiple techniques, both online and offline.

Capitalise on Google’s SERP features
If users looking for a particular query will stop at the Answer Box, you will need to begin optimising their content to get them to Position Zero. Apart from this, brands can also focus their efforts on topping the list of voice-based searches, creating a multilingual marketing strategy and so on.

Develop in-depth and innovative content
Going forward, brands can look at creating dense and highly-researched content for queries that Google cannot answer. The perfect example of this is creating pillar content. Pillar content ensures users are reading your content, spend more time on your site and you are likely to rank higher in the search results. If your pillar page is able to generate its own answer box, the depth of content will ensure users head over to your website, thereby increasing organic traffic.
You can watch our video on pillar content here –

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