Lesson 1: What does Google do? – SEO for beginners training

Lesson 1: What does Google do? – SEO for beginners training

This video is part of the free SEO for beginners training course by Yoast Academy. Find the complete training at https://yoa.st/38o. In the SEO for beginners training course, we explain the very basics of SEO. The training features videos, reading materials and quizzes to help you practise actual SEO skills. You’ll receive an official certificate and discounts to our other training courses after completion.

In this video, we explore what Google does and how your site ends up in the search results. Search engines like Google follow links. Google follows links from one web page to another web page. Google’s crawlers spider more than a billion pages every day. A search engine like Google consists of: 1. a crawler 2. an index 3. an algorithm.

For Google to know of the existence of your website, there first has to be a link from another site – one Google already knows – to your site. Following that link will lead to the first crawler-session and the first save in the index. After indexing your website, Google can show your website in the search results. Google has a specific algorithm that decides which pages it will show in which order.

It’s very important to have a basic understanding of how Google and most other search engines use links: they use the number of links pointing to a page to determine how important that page is. Both internal links (from the own website) as well as external links (from other websites) can help a website to rank high in Google.

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