Snapchat VS Instagram: Here's Which Social Media Platform You Should Use For Business

Snapchat VS Instagram: Here's Which Social Media Platform You Should Use For Business

Not sure which social media platform to use? Snapchat vs Instagram? Here’s which platform I’d recommend for business.
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There’s Instagram Stories, and then there’s Snapchat.

What should you use? It’s the great Snapchat vs Instagram debate.

Snapchat came out first, then Instagram Stories, but Instagram Stories is more popular.

So should you be using Snapchat or should you be using Instagram Stories?

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you if you should be using Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

The answer I have isn’t probably what you’re expecting.

I’m not going to tell you to use Snapchat, and I’m not going to ask you to use Instagram Stories instead.

Instead I’m telling you that you should be using both.

If you’re already creating content for one of these social sites, why not use it for both of it?

How long does it take to bust out your phone and post a picture on both instagram and Snapchat?

It isn’t that hard.

If you’re not willing to use both, that means you’re lazy.

If you’re already on one, you should be on both.

Because here’s the thing, there’s a different audience on Instagram than Snapchat.

From all the research we’ve seen around the web, yes there are a lot of overlaps, but Snapchat tends to have a younger audience.

So go after both of them, what do you have to lose? Little to nothing.

And when you’re using both of them, here are the things that you should be following if you want to do well.

One, your stories have to align with each other.

For example, you don’t want to be talking about food one minute and then horseback riding the next minute.

Do you see the similarities in those stories? Because I don’t. But when you tie everything in with each other, people are more likely to continue to view every single one of your stories and follow along.

In other words, create a journey or a story that people can follow along.

Number two, build anticipation. iPhone always releases new phones, or Apple technically is the one who’s releasing new phones, but they release new phones, computers, and products all the time.

How do they build it up and make a ton of sales is that they build anticipation?

They always have news coming out ahead of time that Apple’s designing it this way or they’re doing this, or this is what’s going to come out.

In other words, they’re building up anticipation and doing product launches.

Now you don’t have a product to launch, but you can build anticipation.

For example, if I was doing an Instagram Story and tomorrow I can end up sharing some tips on traffic, today what I may end up doing is saying, hey everyone, check me out tomorrow on my Instagram Stories, I’m going to be giving you guys ten tips on doubling your SEO traffic.

Do you see how I’m building anticipation?

I’m telling people what’s going to happen tomorrow, so for all those people who are interested, they’re much more likely to come back.

The last tip I have for you is if you’re going to be using Snapchat and Instagram Stories, you can’t just do it once a day or twice day.

You have to use it throughout the whole day continually.

It doesn’t hurt you.

It’s not like posting an image 20 times a day on Instagram that’ll lose you followers, or it’ll cause each of your photos to get barely any likes.

By using the Stories, people can keep following along with you throughout the day.

Think of it as reality TV.

People can continue to follow and keep along whenever they want.

If they don’t want to, they don’t have to do it that day.

And the cool part is, once it’s over it’s gone. So they’re much more likely to keep following up with you every single day.

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