The Future of eCommerce, ESW2016

The Future of eCommerce, ESW2016

Aran Reeks – Head of Client Strategy at Evosite – present his complete talk: “Technical innovations in eCommerce” at eCommerce South West 2016.

This talk covers key topics in the eCommerce sector, including:

– How to speed up your mobile website by using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a subset of HTML.

– Why you should be exploring AMP for eCommerce, as well as who’s already making use of AMP.

– Delivering great customer service via Facebook’s Messenger Platform.

– The new Payment Request API that recently came to the web, allowing Google Chrome users on Android to be able to dramatically speed up the payment and checkout flow on their ecommerce stores.

– The new Credentials Management API allowing for cross device sign-in which if used correctly can dramatically improve your customers experiences across devices (mobile, tablet and desktop for example).


Aran’s complete slide deck used in this presentation can be viewed and downloaded from Google Slides here:

Each of the slides from our other presenters at ESW 2016 can be found here:


Learn how to maximise the potential of your business online from some of the brightest minds in the eCommerce industry!

For more details, or to sign-up for next years’ eCommerce South West event, please visit:

This year’s eCommerce South West event was held at The Paintworks Event Space in Bristol on the 21st October 2016 and had expert talks from across the digital landscape featuring:

– Lee Grogan, Senior Enterprise Consultant at Optimizely
– Matty Curry, Head of eCommerce at Lovehoney
– Lukasz Zelezny, Head of Organic Acquisition at
– Aran Reeks, Head of Client Strategy at Evosite
– Jesmond Allen, Freelance UX Consultant
– Paul Randall, Senior UX Architect at Evosite
– Alex Smale, Managing Director at Tribemix
– Tom Sangers, Head of Search at Evosite
– Barend Faber, Onboarding Services Manager at WhatUsersDo

Without the help and support from the following sponsors, this year’s eCommerce South West event wouldn’t have been possible so a massive thank-you to:
– Google
– Trustpilot
– Evosite
– PCA Predict
– Adlib
– Sage Pay
– Bitpod
– HotJar
– Kolorskemes

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