Top WordPress Plugins 2019

Top WordPress Plugins 2019

In this video I’ll cover some of the best plugins for wordpress websites in 2019. These wordpress plugins are useful for any type of website and will help you with SEO, security, performance, and more.

Link to Monarch plugin preview:

How to make your own website tutorial:

WordPress Performance video:

Really simple SSL – 0:30
WPS hide login – 1:20
Wordfence – 2:30
Updraftplus – 4:07
Monarch – 5:46
Wp super-cache – 7:20
Yoast SEO – 8:36
Classic editor – 11:36
Honorable mentions – 12:08

One of the best features of wordpress is the extensive plugin ecosystem. This means that almost any function you might want to add to your websites is available via plugin. Many are available for free, or at least have a free tier with limited features. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s better to limit the number of plugins on your website when possible. Only add plugins to wordpress when absolutely necessary because every plugin potentially slows down your site, as well as opening up a potential security issue.

It’s also important to keep your plugins up to date to avoid security issues with outdated versions. Always make sure your current version of wordpress is supported by plugins and generally you should only use wordpress plugins that are actively supported, you can check this by looking at the most recent time the plugin was updated. If it’s over a year you should proceed with caution. You don’t want your site to depend on a plugin that is outdated and then not be able to upgrade wordpress because you are stuck with an unsupported plugin

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