WordPress: how to change the font (size / type / color) on your entire website

WordPress: how to change the font (size / type / color) on your entire website

WordPress: how to change the font (size / type / color) on your entire site
Full article: http://imstartpage.com/change-font-wordpress-font-type-size-color
Find or convert hex colors: http://imstartpage.com/color-code-conversion-tool-rgb-hex-cmyk

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Full instructions:

The method I’m going to show, will change the default font on your entire website.

The default font on your site is specified by a file called a ‘stylesheet’. The stylesheet is part of your current WordPress theme. So; to change your font, you’ll have to edit your stylesheet.

To find out exactly what to edit, you can use a feature in Google Chrome; right-click the font you want to change, and then click ‘inspect element’.

On the right side of the menu, you’ll see exactly what parts of the stylesheet are being used to make your site look the way it looks.

Here, scroll down until you find something that says ‘font’.

OK, this is the part that specifies what fonts are being used on your site.

You can have a look at the entire stylesheet by clicking this link.

To change the font in WordPress, we need to find this part of the stylesheet in the back-end of WordPress.

Because your stylesheet contains hundreds of lines of code, an easy way to find it is to use Google Chrome’s search feature.

So, I’m going to copy this part of the code, and add it in the search bar later.

To edit your stylesheet, go to your dashboard, then click ‘Appearance’, and then ‘Editor’.

By default, it’ll open the stylesheet, so that’s style.css.

Now press Ctrl+F to bring up the search bar, a and paste the text you copied earlier.

This will bring you to the exact code you need to edit.

For ‘Font size’, change the number to make your font smaller or larger.

To change the font type, edit the name of the font, for ‘font-family’.
The first one in the line is the one that’s going to be used.

For ‘color’, enter the color you want to use. These are specified in the hexadecimal format (hex).

When you’re done making changes, scroll down and click ‘Update file’.

And that’s it!

Go back to your site, and refresh the page to see the changes take effect.

And it works; your site is now using a larger font, another font type, and another font color.

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