WordPress Page Builder – Rock Page Builder V2 | Azoom

WordPress Page Builder – Rock Page Builder V2 | Azoom

Rock Page Builder is a Preimum WordPress Page / Layout Builder. You can use our drag and drop UI. Actually what we like to call as “drag and droll” UI. Simply build you website by using our blocks.

In this video, you can watch the basic details of the Rock Page Builder along with the new features comes with version 2.

Azoom Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme link ;



Best Business WordPress Theme we ever made. Azoom comes with best WordPress theme fatures. It is more than just a theme. Azoom is Ultimate WordPress Theme with stunning features. Our multi-purpose design, allows you to built unique WordPress theme demos. Drag and Drop builder Rock Page Builder is now even faster. Curvy Slider V2 is included in new WordPress Theme of 2019 – Azoom. Ultra Responsive WordPress Theme grid will make your website look awesome on different sizes and devices.

Rock Page Builder

Drag and Drop Grids
1 to 12 Columns Full Grid Support
Use Empty Columns
Move any grid any where easily
Animate the grid you want
Set delay to grid animation
Move grids anywhere with new Quick Move feature


You can use as much Special Grid as you want. You can set different colors backgrounds videos for different areas set ID’s for them and use it in deeplinking side navigation. One Page Parallax, Multi Page sites just as easy as clicking.

Insert Before Header
Before the Menu. Best for fullscreen pages
Insert Before Sidebars
Insert After Sidebars
Background Image
Fixed Parallax
Advanced Parallax
Background Video
Background Color
Fixed Parallax Color Overlay
Advanced Parallax Color Overlay
Background Video Color Overlay
Youtube Background Video
HTML5 Background Video
Vimeo Background Video
Light Font Colors for the grids
Inline Navigation (Right side navigation)
Hash navigation
Set ID for the grid
Set a name for the inline navigation
Add border at the bottom
Add Arrow Down
This feature allows you to add an arrow down icon. You can use this feature anywhere you want. By enabling this, when user clicks on the arrow, page will scroll to the down automatically.
Set down arrow color
You may use different colors for the background or image or even a video. And this will affect your arrow as well. To make it visible, you can set it different color of each Special Grid element.
Full Screen Grid
Sometimes you want to display your content in full screen. It’s an amazing way to give unique information. Special Grids will calculate the screen size of the user automatically and resize itself to fill the width and height in full.
Full Width Grid
You can enable full width grid easily. When you enable full width grid, your elements will be starting from the left side of the screen without any margin. Works flawlessly with our amazing Portfolio element.
Enable/Disable auto padding


You can use predefined templates or build your own templates with Rock Page Builder. It’s very easy to save your template with Rock Page Builder. When you save your template, you can simply load it on different pages.

Save Your Rock Page Builder Templates
Load Your Rock Page Builder Templates
Add New Rock Page Builder Templates
Delete Rock Page Builder Templates


You can use Text Area (Rich Text Editor a.k.a. TinyMCE) wherever you want in Rock Page Builder. Our text area also uses the font you use on the front end.

Regular/Bold Text
Italic Text
Bulleted List
Numbered List
Shortcode List
Horizontal Line (HR)
Align Text Left
Align Text Right
Align Text Center
Use Links
Font Size
Font Family
H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 headings
Underline Text
Text Justify
Set text color


Overflow Image (Standout)
Snap Image To Left or To Right
Choose Image Size
Upload Image by drag and drop
Set image align (left/right)
Set a link
Set link target
Enable Hover Effect
Set hover background color
Set hover text color
Set hover text (i.e. EXPLORE MORE)
Add extra style
Add extra class


Swiper Slider is a touch based slider allows you to slide your images easily.

Choose Image Size
Enable Autoplay
Set Autoplay Time
Choose side arrows or pagination dots for navigation


More than a wordpress slider. Curvy is the only slider you can build point to point curved animations. With Curvy Slider V2, you will have amazing new features ;

HTML5 Background Video
Change Slider Size easily
Full Screen Mode
And more..

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