WordPress SEO with Yoast: The Ultimate Guide

WordPress SEO with Yoast: The Ultimate Guide

Yoast have a slogan of ‘SEO for Everyone’, and that is exactly what they do. If you believe that the Premium version of the plugin is not worth your time and money, there is always the free version. Of course you don’t receive as many features with the free version as you do with the Premium version. But even with the free version you will still be able to rank within search engines. We recommend the premium version though, as it does so much move, and you’ll find out why further below. 

Apart from the features of Yoast, why would you use this plugin? The reality is that it is more than just a Plugin, it is a community. That’s why they have surpassed over 7 million users on all their plugins since they started in 2010, becoming the most used SEO plugin for WordPress. 

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